Monday, October 4, 2010

Leaving for science camp counsoling. Won't be back for two weeks.


It's that time of year again, I volunteered to be a camp counselor  at walden west science camp. I can't bring my laptop, so i won't be posting in this blog for 2 weeks. But i will still be checking in on some of your blogs and commenting back all of your comments when i can get my hands on a computer there.


Friday, October 1, 2010

SLAMMERTIME, an unfinished film


This promo was shot of last year during summer, It was directed by a friend on my friend(henry do). And henry actually does appear in the trailer a couple times. I thought the promo was outstanding, minus the mooning near the end. Theses kids have some pop to their trick and flare to their style. However sadly though the film was never finished. Apparently the camera got broken and thus, the promo was only final product of the whole entire film. Sad i know :(
But here enjoy the promo, i hope you like it

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book renting review.


I've used for quite some time now. It's basically the only store i go to rent or buy books. Not the overpriced, bad customer service book store that they have near the universities/college.
As a low income kid struggling getting by with student loans, chegg really helps out me get my books.

Well this is basically how you use chegg
You enter your ISBN(book code) number for the book that you need. Then it will show you if they have that book in stock for you to rent. They have a nice book selection but once in a while, they don't have the book your looking for. However i have yet to encounter that problem. Now you have a choice to rent the book for the semester or the quarter or summer session.Basically you can when and how long you can rent it for. Btw you have to have a credit card for rent the books. You will get the books within around 7 to ten days. And the returning the book is free shipping via ups.

Overall, don't buy textbooks, rent them.

Monday, September 27, 2010

College tips continue. Requested by viewers


Since my last post, i gotten request for more tips for student loans. I'm glad my viewers are interested in going into college,  Good for you guys. College can be a tricky place but it is rewarding. The videos i'm gonna show you is for you guys with bad credit trying to get a student loan and how to get out of financial academic probation. Some good stuff.

Also for you guys looking for cheap text book or looking to rent one, check out

used it more than one occasion and the customer service was great.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

thank you for the 300 follwers, tips for student loan


I am shocked and honored to see that I have 300 followers. I'm just a just a normal college student, struggling to live day by day with only student loans money and shit loads of bills for textbooks. I'm touched that you guys actually like my blog. Well for your support, i give you some compensation,
I know some of you guys are upcoming college students, so i want you to know some of basic tips for applying for student loans. This video really helped me get started and actually got me a student loan.

Hope you guys make something out of your life, and stay in school! thats how i roll.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dolphing slaugher begins again. (sick fucks)


''It's clear to see that Taiji is starting to fall to pieces, the town is not prospering and it's time to try something new,'' Mr Dalton said

So basically, a little town in Japan, Taiji. Has began their annual dolphin/whale killing spree on September first. Based on last year incident with the dolphins, the hunters would drive the dolphins/whales into a cove and begin to slaughter them According to a small sea Shepard in Japan, they have killed 15 pilot whales and were processed behind screens of a small town in Tokyo. 
    I really hate theses guys I mean they're hurting theses dolphins because they're eating "too much fish". Yeah that's right, they are killing dolphins, not for them to eat dolphin meat, they're killing them because they think dolphins are pests, like dolphin are like rats or cockroaches.  We need to make them stop injuring / killing theses dolphins. Theses animals are harmless, not a threat to society, and most important of all, they're fucking awesome.
Are you with me with this protest against the killing spree of dolphins?!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Breaking your arm may cause you harmful injuries to you arms. lol


Okay so i'm looking at old videos on my friend's account. and i happen to stumble on him breaking his arm. It's really brutal but funny at the same time. So apparently he was doing a board slide on a rail  and he slipped and went arms first. pretty bad mistake if you ask me. Fractured his bones ,but props to him, that really really gotta hurt and he handled it like a boss. HOPE HIS INSURANCE COMPANY COVERED IT

Heres the video

However, don't listen to henry's advice.

Listen to my advice, and stay in school, go to college and make something of yourself.