Monday, October 4, 2010

Leaving for science camp counsoling. Won't be back for two weeks.


It's that time of year again, I volunteered to be a camp counselor  at walden west science camp. I can't bring my laptop, so i won't be posting in this blog for 2 weeks. But i will still be checking in on some of your blogs and commenting back all of your comments when i can get my hands on a computer there.


Friday, October 1, 2010

SLAMMERTIME, an unfinished film


This promo was shot of last year during summer, It was directed by a friend on my friend(henry do). And henry actually does appear in the trailer a couple times. I thought the promo was outstanding, minus the mooning near the end. Theses kids have some pop to their trick and flare to their style. However sadly though the film was never finished. Apparently the camera got broken and thus, the promo was only final product of the whole entire film. Sad i know :(
But here enjoy the promo, i hope you like it

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book renting review.


I've used for quite some time now. It's basically the only store i go to rent or buy books. Not the overpriced, bad customer service book store that they have near the universities/college.
As a low income kid struggling getting by with student loans, chegg really helps out me get my books.

Well this is basically how you use chegg
You enter your ISBN(book code) number for the book that you need. Then it will show you if they have that book in stock for you to rent. They have a nice book selection but once in a while, they don't have the book your looking for. However i have yet to encounter that problem. Now you have a choice to rent the book for the semester or the quarter or summer session.Basically you can when and how long you can rent it for. Btw you have to have a credit card for rent the books. You will get the books within around 7 to ten days. And the returning the book is free shipping via ups.

Overall, don't buy textbooks, rent them.

Monday, September 27, 2010

College tips continue. Requested by viewers


Since my last post, i gotten request for more tips for student loans. I'm glad my viewers are interested in going into college,  Good for you guys. College can be a tricky place but it is rewarding. The videos i'm gonna show you is for you guys with bad credit trying to get a student loan and how to get out of financial academic probation. Some good stuff.

Also for you guys looking for cheap text book or looking to rent one, check out

used it more than one occasion and the customer service was great.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

thank you for the 300 follwers, tips for student loan


I am shocked and honored to see that I have 300 followers. I'm just a just a normal college student, struggling to live day by day with only student loans money and shit loads of bills for textbooks. I'm touched that you guys actually like my blog. Well for your support, i give you some compensation,
I know some of you guys are upcoming college students, so i want you to know some of basic tips for applying for student loans. This video really helped me get started and actually got me a student loan.

Hope you guys make something out of your life, and stay in school! thats how i roll.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dolphing slaugher begins again. (sick fucks)


''It's clear to see that Taiji is starting to fall to pieces, the town is not prospering and it's time to try something new,'' Mr Dalton said

So basically, a little town in Japan, Taiji. Has began their annual dolphin/whale killing spree on September first. Based on last year incident with the dolphins, the hunters would drive the dolphins/whales into a cove and begin to slaughter them According to a small sea Shepard in Japan, they have killed 15 pilot whales and were processed behind screens of a small town in Tokyo. 
    I really hate theses guys I mean they're hurting theses dolphins because they're eating "too much fish". Yeah that's right, they are killing dolphins, not for them to eat dolphin meat, they're killing them because they think dolphins are pests, like dolphin are like rats or cockroaches.  We need to make them stop injuring / killing theses dolphins. Theses animals are harmless, not a threat to society, and most important of all, they're fucking awesome.
Are you with me with this protest against the killing spree of dolphins?!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Breaking your arm may cause you harmful injuries to you arms. lol


Okay so i'm looking at old videos on my friend's account. and i happen to stumble on him breaking his arm. It's really brutal but funny at the same time. So apparently he was doing a board slide on a rail  and he slipped and went arms first. pretty bad mistake if you ask me. Fractured his bones ,but props to him, that really really gotta hurt and he handled it like a boss. HOPE HIS INSURANCE COMPANY COVERED IT

Heres the video

However, don't listen to henry's advice.

Listen to my advice, and stay in school, go to college and make something of yourself.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to minimize physical injuries from sk8boarding. DON'T BREAK YOUR SPINE BRO


Sk8boarding is a fun activity, but it can also be dangerous. I don't want you guys to get seriously injured and stop sk8ing forever. Here are some beginners tips to prevent serious harm to your body.

  • 1. First make certain you have all the proper protective gear. Your skateboarding gear must include:  a) Skate shoes; b) A helmet; c) Kneepads; d) Elbow pads; and e) Wristbands. Proctect that spine.
  • 2. Familiarize yourself with your sk8board.  In order to do so, find a grassy area or rest the board on the carpet in your house.  Become comfortable with the sk8board underneath your feet.  Place your feet in different positions on the sk8board.  This includes placing the majority of your weight on the tail or end of the board.
  • 3. Next determine if you feel more comfortable heading off with your left foot or right foot.  Stand on the board and conclude what feels most natural.  The foot that is your strongest or most dominant is your back foot.
  • 4. Learn to push.  Always push off using your back foot.  This is a basic technique.  There are a number of ways you may push off after this basic technique has been fully mastered.
  • 5. Learn how to turn.  Bend your knees to get in a low position then turn the board using your feet.
  • 6. Practice braking by foot.  Start slow and do not perform initially at a high rate of speed.
  • a) Turn your toes to face the nose or the front of the sk8board. 
    • b)  You are also facing toward the front.  Place all your weight onto your front foot.  Keep your back leg straight and slowly lower your back foot to the ground.  c)  The weight of your body is on the front leg.  The body is centered properly as you drag your back foot in order to decrease speed.  
    • c)  Apply light pressure in order to slow down gradually. 
    • d)  Using heavy pressure will slow you down quickly. 
    Hope this shit helps you guys. STAY IN SCHOOL AND PROTECT YOUR SPINE FROM INJURIES. 

P.s  Watch out for cars. Car related injuries will rape up the butt with auto insurance. FYI

mesothelioma is bad mmkay?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dealing with ankle injuries


Being in college and sk8ing everyday may cause some unexpected injuries. Like for instance, lets say you're listening to your ipod and sk8ing and suddenly a tiny pebble comes out of nowhere and you stumble and you cry to catch yourself but instead you roll your ankle. Yeah worst injury ever. This is what i do to remedy my pain.

  • I get an icepack and i put it on top of my foot. The physical touch of the ice might hurt but it's okay. If my  feet gets numb i like to think it's working.

  • Then I elevate my ankle so it's above my head. I use a shit loads of pillows and i put it on top of my desk. I heard this like stops swelling by getting the blood down to body.

  • Then when my feet get's all cold and numb, i put it in hot water. i heard this breaks up the blood inside my foot.

  • Then i pressurize it for the swelling to go down.

  • Then i wrap my foot in a t shirt just for funnies. mental therapy

After like a couple of hours or a day my feet would be fine.

I hope this helps you!

Also if your ankle is hurting and causing major physical pain, then you should contact your physician or doctor and go to hospital.  They be something wrong with you.

Hopes this helps guys!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

200 followers! , thank you


Thank you for all of you who have been following me. It's been tough posting everyday, balancing college and blogging for you guys. Universities are not meant for me guys lol, but i'm gonna keep trying. But thank you guys, i hope i brighten some your guys day.

In other unrelated news, i hurt myself sk8ing(minor injuries, nothing my insurance company can't handle)  so the sk8boarding news will stop until i feel better :(  but i will still talk about the marine life. Marine biology not the u.s marines. PLUS music now <3
Basically random stuff.

Thanks guys.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

NEW COREY KENNEDY EDIT. Accident of human nature jk


Cory kennedy one of my favorite sk8boarders released his new edit for RVCA. I love kennedy for his relax style and the highlights of the video is when he did a benihana off the huge gap and that steezy no comply bigspin. He's a crazy kid, i think he got injured a month ago, and he's doing tricks like no other. Hope he has life insurance.

A Must see video

random cutie of the day

mesothelioma treatment options

Friday, September 17, 2010

Off day today need to find cause of mesothelioma


Real scientist search for the cause of mesothelioma

 and yeah, i gotta alot of stuff to do today and tomorrow Aka skype and gardening. Heres something to get you through the day.

Random cutie of the day

Sea yah when i get back.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paralyzed patients swim with dolphins in Fla. Keys


A group of paralyzed rehabilitation patients will swim with dolphins in the Florida Keys as part of their therapeutic program.
Thursday's dolphin swim is a yearlong goal for patients at Jackson Memorial Hospital's aquatic rehabilitation program. Seven paraplegic and quadriplegic patients will be out of their wheelchairs swimming with the mammals at the Theater of the Sea.
Staff raised money for the trip through several hot dog sales at the hospital.  Did not paid through with their life insurance.

random women of the day 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eric KOSTON new nike Skateboarding shoe. ZOOM KOSTON ONE


If you've been following skateboarding news, you would know that Eric Koston my favorite skateboarder, lefted his old shoe company sponsor "LAKAI"  and moved in with the big dogs at the powerhouse Nike SB. So it's no surprise that after a year with nike he would make his own pro model shoe. And here i present you the NIKE ZOOM ERIC KOSTON ONE. Hope he has car insurance for his feets lol

Get out your credit cards, and sell your car. cause this is a must buy.

Random cutie of the day

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Slow day. Heres your compensation. TITS


I've been swamped with homework and college. i feel like my life is going by so quickly and i have to get all this shit done. But i don't wanna take it out on you guys.
so heres the random cutie of the day. Made it special for you guys.
Time to buy some life insurance. lol mom and dad
EDIT************ censored by the man

Monday, September 13, 2010

Check out my friend's part in an ameteur skate movie. READY SET STOP


Aight my friend Henry Do is in this skate film made by his friends. And he is only in like a brief moment, but his steeze and swag still flowed out through out the video. He's in at 2:10. Check him out he deserves it.

Also if you can please go to the link and comment hennry needs to know mesothelioma treatment options

Now heres the video

Cutie of the day

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lady Gaga VMA 2010 w/ GaGa booooooooooty.


I've been a huge fan of Lady Gaga since day one and in my opinion, she's the savior of today's music scene.
Well in this years Mtv Video Music Award, Lady Gaga has gotten her self a record breaking amount of 13 Nominations.
This is what she wore to the VMAs. Very elegant and creative.I would mortgage my heart just to meet her. 

What are your guys thoughts on Lady Gaga?
Cutie of the day!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Movies to watch: CLICK the movie!


It's a friday and time for a movie review. BLAST TO THE PAST

Click is an about a man who is unsatified with his life until he is given a remote that controlls time.
My first impression of it was gonna be like all the other Adam Sandler. dumb and ridiculous.
the advertisement was very misleading. i really enjoyed it.

So guys what are you watching on this friday night?

random cutie of the day

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dolphin Rap.


I did this for extra credit back in high school. Not only did i wrote a lame ass dolphin rap, i had to perform it. Here are the lyrics for you blind people.
I'm dolphin
swimming inthe sea
the dolphin life is the life for me
but you ain't got enough swag
to play our dolphin tag
you see i'm a mammal
a warm blooded animal
i drink milk from my mom
which is the bomb
yeah cause i have hair
you know down there

we dolphins live in the ghetto
us dolphin we swim so mellow
half the time we asleep and awake
but got the time for the wake and bake
we roll some of that sea weed
while doing the dirty deed (global warming!)

Yee cause i'm adolphin
we be flipping in the sea.
from 9 to 5 cause
Bitches straight hating on me
what are your guys opinion?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New species of dolphins. THEY SPIT INTO EACH OTHER'S MOUTH?


Newly Discovered Dolphin Spits at Prey

A new species of dolphin dubbed the snubfin has been witnessed displaying some very unusual feeding behavior off the northern coast of Australia. Apparently the dolphins were witnessed chasing fish to the surface of the water and then streaming jets of water out of their mouths to round the fish up before eating them.
I'm more of a Copenhagen mammel, myself.
"This incredibly unusual behavior, first seen in Australia off the Kimberley Coast, has only been noted before in Irrawaddy dolphins, which are closely related to this species," Lydia Gibson of WWF Australia told the Northern Territory News.
The snubfin was discovered officially in 2005.
 Via Source

Also random cutie of the day

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My trip to the SIX FLAGS. WITH BOOBS.


Shit was so cash.
I got to see all my favorite aquatic wild life. LIKE THE MOTHER FUCKING DOLPHINS. They were doing jimmy flips and backflips like they didn't even give a shit. In their mind they're probably thinking "Fuck bitches, do flips". Learned a new fact about dolphins, they can sleep and swim. How cool is that?  Imagine if we can do, just sleep and run. There would be less fat people i can tell you that. Except some people might get hit by cars.

 Only lame part about the whole thing was i had bad seats. I knew i shouldn't have gotten nachos.

 Heres the random cutie of the day

Monday, September 6, 2010

Selling Brand new Nike Skateboarding dunk high + dunk low.


Hey bloggers, my roommate is selling shoes and he wants to maximize total amounts of advertisement as possible.

If you want more pictures email him at
If you wanna buy the shoes contact him at
or here

Local meets up around the bay area only
He's friendly like a dolphin

first off nike sb larry perkins/ chriping birds

BIN= 140 dollars
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Nike Sb New york mets
BIN= 80

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Random cutie of the day

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Favorite Spots to Skateboard


If you love skateboarding, then you gotta know the right spots to skate. I mean whats the point of skating if you skate in your garage 24/7

1.The skate park
I know, i know, the "skate park" is the obvious one, but i genuinely love to skate at the skate park. The skate park offers things that regular spots doesn't have. Like the bowls. When you're dropping into that bowl and riding the walls, i feels like your riding the waves of the ocean. My only beef with the skate parks is that there is always that one non-skateboarding dickhead, who is just hanging out with his bros and talking shit when someone bails on a trick. Seriously man go fuck yourself.

2. Outdoor elementary schools
Sorry kiddies, i was probably the one that fucked up your benches, handrails and your tables. The thing i love about the school is the lack of security for their playgrounds. Sure you may encounter some rowdy neighbors once in a while but other than that it's peachy keen. Downside is that everything is so tiny. I swear the benches are like 2 inch high.

3. Company buildings
You know, the one with the big ass stairs/ rails. Theses places are really enjoyable but you gotta be careful for the security popos. They are quite nasty sometimes.

Saturday, September 4, 2010



Well as much as I love the ocean, I really love skateboarding. Let me tell you, anyone with half a brain and a skateboard knows about "Stay Gold". The name has lingered around for quite sometime now, and well I think this film lives up to it's hype.  The technical aspect of it, is fucking unbelievable. Switch laser flips out the wazzoo. Brandon Westgate had the best part in the whole movie. This guy is like a fucking jetplane when it comes to skating fast. All of his ledge tricks were BIG AND CLEAN, none of that ledge dancing bullshit.
Kevin long's part wasn't that great. Kinda slow and short. But nonetheless a great sight to watch

I rarely go out and buy skate videos, but this film takes the cake. If you have 17.99 on board, go to your local skateshop and but it.

2 flippers up.

*******Edit/ teaser trailer added

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Killer whales


Killer whales, a ferocious, but misunderstood animal. Sure there names give them a bad reputation. However, I have been very fortunate enough to actually swim with a killer whale. I will never forget that day, it felt like i was one step closer to achieving my dream. Killers whales are quite gentle and tame. If you ever get the chance to swim or even get close to a killer whale, id say do it. 



Dolphins, can I say, they are a beautiful and majestic creature. Just look at them. Who wouldn't wanna be a dolphin? Living life in the moment, changing sexual partners frequently, and roaming the big blue ocean. Ever since I was a little kid, I loved dolphins. I loved how they swam, how they communicate with each other,  how they lived, they were free.
      And thats how i want my blog & my life to be, free as a dolphin.